About Us


NOW more than ever, people are longing to feel MAGIC IN THERE LIVES. Having experienced quarantines, lockdown and cancellations for months on end, we are all in need of SOME EXCITEMENT to give us that much needed boost this festive season.

COVID-19 safe Holiday Couriers make DELIVERING packages into a special occasion, and an AMAZING MOMENT can be remembered for years to come through the option of photos and even a video recorded as part of the experience.

Gifts delivered by our COSTUME DELIVERERS provide so much more than a plain parcel, enabling friends and relatives to give special gift-giving experiences regardless of where they live. Our THEMED DELIVERIES take package delivery to the next level, by transforming this mundane process into something special; from the simple delivery to an all-singing, all-dancing doorstep performance.

Once booked, we will inform you of the PRECISE DELIVERY TIME and the couriers will confirm that the recipient is home, prior to arrival, to ensure they are present to enjoy the experience.

Our Costume Couriers are professional models & performers who are COVID-19 TESTED prior to each day’s deliveries, wearing a themed mask and gloves incorporated into their costumes. They carefully place the packages on the recipient’s doorstep, ring the doorbell and retreat to a SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCE. Before departing, they wish your friend or relative a HAPPY HOLIDAYS from you.